About Us

Parkview ELC: a brief history

Parkview Early Learning center has been a staple for high quality childcare in Spokane since 1999. Previously known as Care-A-Lot Learning Center, Parkview ELC was purchased by Luc Jasmin III and Pam Haley in 2014 and has continued to improve the quality of care provided since.

Parkview Early Learning Center is an Early Head Start center for infants and toddlers, and has successfully completed their Early Achiever Rating.


Meet Our Administrators:

Luc Jasmin III


Bio: My name is Luc Jasmin III, and I am the owner of Parkview Early Learning Center in Spokane County. I first began my career working in the public school system and transitioned to early childhood education: working my way up from a teacher to assistant director and then, in 2014, an owner when I purchased Parkview in North Spokane. Growing up a first generation Haitian-American has really propelled me to understand and focus on, among other factors: equity, racial bias, and cultural differences. My fundamental goal is to help create a solid foundation in which all children can be successful; regardless of their parents, racial background, religious affiliation, economic standing or any other unnecessary obstacle. I also believe in protecting small businesses by mitigating the economic strain we face on a regular basis.

Pam Haley


Bio: Pam currently sits on the City of Spokane Valley council and has lived in Spokane her whole life. She has 28 years experience working in early childhood education and hold an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources and an MSED with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Along with Co-Owning Parkview, Pam also owns Rainbow Connections Too Daycare in downtown Spokane.

Aimee Reiser


Bio: Aimee is the Director at Parkview Early Learning Child Care Center. Aimee began her Bachelor of Arts in Early Education from Whitworth University. She brings a wealth of experience from various early learning settings. Her passion lays in advocacy, committed to the success of all children, paying attention to the role that diversity, gender, ability, ethnicity, race, culture, religion or socioeconomic status, brings to the learning environment and our children’s’ community. She has been working in encouraging sustainable practices designed to preserve our world for future generations. Aimee began her career with Parkview in 2007 to encourage and support all those in care, and she continues to work in all age groups as well as partnering with other community programs.

Hobbies: Aimee is very creative and love art, she paints and works on crafts in her free time. She also really enjoy watching Seahawks, Spokane Indians, and Chiefs games, and spending time with her family.

Kaitlyn Chapman

Assistant Director

Bio: Kaitlyn has been working in Early Childhood Education for six years and has been at Parkview since 2014. She has obtained degrees in child developmental psychology and is currently attending Eastern Washington University in pursuit of a MS in Mental Health Counseling. Kaitlyn began as a teacher and now works as our Assistant Director primarily in finance and state advocacy.

Hobbies: Kaitlyn enjoys hiking, reading, and painting.

Fun Fact: Kaitlyn adopted a husky puppy last November!